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A life's work

The last few months has been full on with coaching and writing. A life's work is currently being played with in the writing studio, as Barry seeks to bring together all the elements of the communication work that has already helped to transform so many lives. Relationship work has also been hectic, with more and more couples interested in experiencing how our Fearless Communication model can help them to reach more peaceful places in their relationships.

Merlin's Diary continues to serve the Holistic Events marketplace in the UK with an average of over 400 events running live at any one time. The podcast is currently being reframed for 2017 with a new format based around people and their projects. 

On the music front, Sophie Janes has also been in the studio working on several new songs which will be released on a track by track basis throughout 2017.

Busy, busy, busy... 

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

So behind with blog posts here! Anyway, the latest has to say that we interviewed Archbishop Desmond Tutu in the latest Merlin's Diary podcast and he was fantastic. What an honour. You can hear the interview in full here:

So much going on...

Taking The Way of Peace to Kenya was amazing. As was doing values and strategy work with the International Peace Initiatives team over there. Since then we've been hard at work with clients, and Winnie and I have been putting together our new relationship website - www.therelationshipconsultancy.comWe are launching this after 17 years of coaching and counselling, to help couples who are going through difficult times and who would like to be dealing with both a man and a woman.

Merlin's Diary is nearing its 10,000th event listing which is truly amazing. Wow, seems like only yesterday when I was briefing our website designer, Nina. 

I've also been doing some wonderful facilitation work with the wonderful team at Commonwork, Bore Place, and am continuing to help facilitate Plaw Hatch farm's ongoing development and growth. 


African Adventure

Sorry it's been so long, it's been a very hectic Summer. And it looks like it's going to be fascinating Winter!! Anna has been working away with the inspirational Dr Karambu Ringera of International Peace Initiatives  and as a result we are now putting together a whole programme of peace-building to take out to Kenya later this year.

We will be teaming up both with IPI and the wonderful KORI Theatre group to produce a series of programmes designed to inspire Kenyan women, men and youth leaders into implementing their own peace processes. It's a massive ask since Kenya has become more violent in the run-up to elections (the next one is due in March 2013 and the violence has already begun), but it's also an amazing opportunity.


Watch this space. 

The Breaking of the Shell -underground best-seller?

We're all beginning to believe we really can make this book into an underground best-seller.

It has spent much of the last couple of months in the Amazon top 10 for Metaphysical & Visionary fiction. Reviews are building - the latest comes in the May edition of Yoga magazine describing the book as a 'powerful story full of hope and inspiration'. 

You can see it on amazon here: 

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