The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes

The Truth About Illness, Unhappiness & Stress?



This is the new and updated version of Barry & Winnie Durdant-Hollamby's first book on health and well-being.

Originally wriiten in 1996, this revised edition contains many more case studies and is a comprehensive introduction to the connections between the mind and the body in particular connection to health. Written to guide people into the world of self-healing.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter One - Five Great Myths
  • Chapter Two - A Quantum Leap
  • Chapter Three - The Perfect Start
  • Chapter Four - The Right Kind of Help
  • Chapter Five - Resistance to Change
  • Chapter Six - Universal Laws
  • Chapter Seven - Continuing the Improvements
  • Chapter Eight - Coping with Setbacks
  • Chapter Nine - Our Children
  • Chapter Ten - Root Causes- Money and Relationships
  • Chapter Eleven - Conclusion
  • Techniques



This book is an invitation. An invitation to you to consider a very different understanding of the nature of illness, unhappiness and stress. All of these are usually thought of as states or conditions that are not wanted. They are misfortunes that strike at random, are beyond control and have no meaning.
Or are they?

llness, unhappiness and stress – or dis-ease as all of these will be called in this book – may in fact be signs at the physical level that something’s become unbalanced at a deeper emotional level. It’s whether we choose to consider this possibility and how we then elect to deal with these signs that we believe holds the key to present and future good health and happiness.

Chapter 2

Imagine a child playing with a Russian doll and her goal is to reach the smallest doll in the middle. If the child uses a hammer, the destination is unlikely to be reached without all the outer dolls becoming damaged, possibly beyond repair. But ask the child to use her fingers, her own natural methods, and sooner or later she will arrive at the centre with all the dolls still unbroken. The journey to the doll in the middle may be slow, frustrating and at times even upsetting, but the child carries on in the knowledge that the goal will be reached.

If we could all apply this approach to our own health, using natural and sympathetic methods whenever possible, and avoiding any violent tools when we can, we might also arrive at our destination with all our layers intact. Our journey too might be slow, frustrating and possibly sometimes upsetting, but it is a journey undertaken in complete co-operation with our own inbuilt guidance system.


For any of us, whatever our state of health, calling on family, friends, doctors, healers or therapists does not mean we are weak and failing in our efforts towards self-healing. Sometimes the extra ‘leg-up’ that any one of these people can offer is just the impetus we need to start believing in ourselves again. Taking an antibiotic does not mean you have failed, provided you do not assume that it has removed the cause of dis-ease. Having surgery does not mean you have failed, provided you do not assume that it has provided all of the answers. Seeing a counsellor does not mean you have failed, provided you do not assume that by simply talking about your problems you have necessarily removed them from your life.

"(The Yequana) have no concept of a 'bad child', nor, conversely, any distinction made about 'good children'".

Jean Liedloff - The Continuuum Concept

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Barry & Winnie Durdant-Hollamby have been coaching people through crises and processes of change for nearly 20 years. Specialising in relationship work and personal transformation, they have applied their methodologies in both individual and organisational settings.  

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