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Sophie Janes 'The Fog'

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Sophie Janes  debut album 'The Fog' now available EXCLUSIVELY HERE as a limited edition cd (click her name to visit her website where you can hear tracks and see videos etc - or visit

'Be My Crowd'. All of the progress we have made to date have come from connections. Virtually everybody knows someone or has something that might help us keep this project developing. Corporate functions or interesting gig connections, press, label contacts, branding partners, fashion designers, video/photographers, businesses, sound/lighting contacts etc etc.

If you have someone that you'd love to get a copy of the album to who you think could help, then contact us here with your story and we'll send you a free copy to pass on. 



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"Life is too short for registering wrongs and nursing animosity"

Charlotte Bronte

Sophie Janes

You can keep up to date with all the latest Sophie Janes news, videos, releases etc via her facebook page or on her website



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