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Do you have a therapy practise? Are you a self-published author? Are you a speaker or workshop facilitator? Or maybe you run a holistic shop or offer a service in the mind body sector?
If you answered 'yes' to any of the above and you'd like a chance to raise awareness of your particular 'brand', then you have a unique oportunity here to grab a 6 month advertising space on the Merlin's Diary website at  a gift of a price.
The reason we're doing this is because the fewer advertisers we have, the less admin we have to do. And that saves us money, which is good because Merlin's Diary is a labour of love for us. The ads don't actually make us money, but they do help us to meet some of the running costs of the site.
All you need to do is submit the artwork (see below for details) and you can even change the banner during the time period booked if you want to. 
Scroll down for the gifting prices! 
The different sizes available are as follows:
Top banner space 468 X 60px
Small side banner (like podcast ad) 120 X 240px
Skyscraper side banner 120 X 600 px
Home page box ads 336 X 280 px 

About Merlin's Diary Website and stats
*Went live in late 2010
*Over 13,000 events listed
*Since launch  we have had 662,556 NON--BOUNCE sessions with over 87,000 visits of duration 8 minutes and viewing 7.5 pages

Top banner, side skyscraper, and small side box show on EVERY page of
Home page box ads just show on home page. Each banner rotates with a maximum of 7 other banners 
All artwork should be in finished form (jpeg,gif etc) and emailed  to
For any questions, e-mail here
Merlin's Diary has become established as the unique online provider of MBS/Holistic event information. With ticket giveaways and discount schemes too our audience is still growing rapidly. 
As one organiser emailed us recently: 
"Merlin's Diary has been absolutely brilliant in helping us get the word out and making our events so successful. The web site works so well, is really easy to use and looks great. They really make an effort to have a really alive Facebook page too, which helps a lot. We've had quite a few participants who have discovered us through their listings so all we can say is thanks so much to MD for what you do for the holistic community, we really appreciate your support."

Purchase Options

Option Price
2 month special 468 X 60 top banner £15.00

2 month special skyscraper banner £15.00

2 month special 120 X 240 small box banner £10.00

2 month special 336 X 280 home page only box ad £10.00

6 month special 468 X 60 top banner £35.00

6 month special skyscraper banner £35.00

6 month special 120 X 240 small box banner £20.00

6 month special 336 X 280 home page only box ad £20.00

All day I have been tossed and whirled in a preposterous happiness; was it an elf in the blood? Or a bird in the brain? Or even part of the cloudily crested, fifty-league-long, loud, uplifted wave of a journeying angels transit over and through my heart?

C S Lewis

Sophie Janes

You can keep up to date with all the latest Sophie Janes news, videos, releases etc via her facebook page or on her website



Barry & Winnie Durdant-Hollamby have been coaching people through crises and processes of change for nearly 20 years. Specialising in relationship work and personal transformation, they have applied their methodologies in both individual and organisational settings.  

AVAILABLE VIA 1-1 in their consulting room in East Sussex, or across the world via EMAIL or PHONE. SEE 'COACHING SESSIONS' in SHOP (above) for more details.


Our Ethos

The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes; to us that means every single order, of whatever size,  contains the potential to change the world.

We, the partners in The Art of Change, try to deal with every order within 24 hours,  hand pack them all ourselves and even deliver them to our local post office.

If you do have a question about your order you can call us and, unless we're busy, you'll get a real person to talk to. Leave a message and we'll even call you back. Promise...