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Life's Not a Rehearsal - Margaret Durdant-Hollamby



This book is the autobiography of the STAG Theatre founder, Margaret Durdant-Hollamby MBE. £5 from every sale goes to The STAG Theatre.

The following preface was written by Richard Briers well-known for many theatre and tv roles including that of Tom Good in BBC TV's The Good Life.

"When Margaret asked me to appear on stage in Sevenoaks nine years ago one of the things she made clear was that The Stag was yet another theatre 'struggling for its very existence'.

It is with great delight therefore that I write this introduction knowing that The Stag Theatre has thrived and that the dreams and aspirations of so many have been fulfilled - both amateur and professional.

Live theatre in England needs tender, loving care.  My visit to Stag highlighted the obvious devotion and enthusiasm poured into this building, not only by its dedicated staff but also by its outstanding team of volunteers.

Margaret's persistence and determination over a period of 30 years has paid off and her strength of character has seen her through real-life traumas which would, I am sure, have defeated many.

 A very human story of a truly remarkable woman."


About the book:

"The true and fascinating story of a 30 year struggle by one woman whose vision, as a young amateur actress, of providing a venue for 'theatre' in Sevenoaks becomes reality. It is a chronicle of contrasts, the warmth of a devoted wife and mother compared with the necessary ruthlessness of a business executive; the frustration and red-tape of planning permission in comparison with the gentle treatment of the stars; and coping with the running of a very public centre of entertainment at a time of great personal tragedy.

As the story unfolds, you will laugh and cry at the pendulum swings of successes and disappointments and admire the sheer determination as a result of which the Stag Theatre stands today - a tribute to Margaret's tenacity."


"Every artist was first an amateur"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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