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The Breaking of the Shell

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45 Five star reviews on Amazon

PREDICTIONS MAGAZINE: "Reminiscent of international bestseller Paulo Coehlo's works, Barry Durdant-Hollamby had managed to capture the beauty of the process whereby facing our deepest and darkest wounds, we are often able to undergo profound and inspirational change. A real page-turner!"

YOGA MAGAZINE :"A powerful story full of hope and inspiration".

PARADIGM SHIFT MAGAZINE : "This book contains ideas that should be taught in every schoolroom in every country in the world. It is not only a great novel and a riveting read, but also a demonstration of how we learn to create the shell of the title - around our feelings, our intuition, and our ability to connect with other people - and then how to break it down. It is, in essence, a book about communication.

Everyone should read this book. Why not do your bit for the future of humanity, and read it for yourself?"

SPIRIT & DESTINY MAGAZINE: "Spiritual fiction at its best. Full of wit and charm and a style similar to JD Salinger's classic 'The Catcher in the Rye, this novel captivates from the very beginning."

 "Thought-provoking, intriguing and beautifully written."

"A mirror in words!" 

"Beautifully crafted, very wise"

"Sex, drugs and a rock'n'rollercoaster of a ride!"

  • Paperback: 332 pages
  • Publisher: the art of change
  • ISBN-10: 0953006352
  • ISBN-13: 978-0953006359
  • Product Dimensions: 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.8 cm
  • Author: Barry Durdant-Hollamby

About the book

The Breaking of the Shell weaves the teaching of ancient wisdoms into a modern context in classic story-telling style. Like the works of Paulo Coelho which deliver timeless truths, this book brings together the subtle energies of the awakening consciousness of the 21st Century through the sometimes dramatic, sometimes seemingly ordinary life experiences of a middle class Englishman, Alexander Baker. 

When a tragedy strikes during an innocent childhood game, 6 year old Alexander's life is changed forever. It will be many years before the outcome of that day is finally discovered, an outcome only made possible by the destruction of Alexander's personal world and the humbling experience of opening his heart to the women closest to him. With consequences that will not only help Alexander to heal his deepest wounds, but also engage him in a process that could lead to global transformation, The Breaking of the Shell is a powerful story of our times, filled with hope and inspiration.


From Jo Berry. peace ambassador and daughter of Sir Anthony Berry who was blown up in the 1984 Brighton Bombing:

"I could not put the book down once I started and found I was thinking about the characters for a long time after. They are so real I could identify with them, I got angry with them, I was was inspired by them and felt a strong emotional connection with them. The book is telling a story of transformation, and it does it very well. The people are very real, the writer gives them depth, real emotions and feelings, and when the transformation begins I am totally convinced. 

This book deals with the root causes of our inner blocks and insecurities and demonstrates that anything can be restored and transformed. A uplifting book and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a gripping engaging book which has meaning and is inspirational. it is also beautiful written."

“The Breaking of the Shell will grip you till the last word! It is an intimate recollection of one man’s life story and how his experiences in early life have a profound effect on all the choices he makes thereafter. The plot weaves an intricate web between past and present day which keeps an edgy pace.

Chatty and eloquent, crude yet pure from an open heart, it made me laugh out loud, cry and seriously blush. It is a book everyone can relate to on some level and it shows the potential that we can change as human beings. If we want peace then we all have to wake up, as it starts with the individual.

This book promises sex, drugs and a rock-n-rollercoaster of a ride which all culminates in the possibility of an all-inclusive, worldwide behavioural remodel! It’s not just a novel!

This is a book of genius in my opinion!”
Alex Florschutz

"It is true you should never judge a book from its cover! If books could be described in colors, "the Breaking of the Shell" would have all the colors of life. And I mean all of them, the dark shades of dissolution and despair, the vibrant light of happiness and the deep colors of love.

"Everyone who reads "the Breaking of the Shell" will find something different and personal in it. The book is an easy (and gripping) read, well written and cleverly constructed. And on another level between the pages there is a deeper message of hope and personal fulfillment. " (Dr Martino Dall'Antonia)

"I found this book thought provoking and moving. It overflows with what's important in life. It's vulnerable and full of profound strength. A great story (I really wanted to know what happens), beautifully crafted, well plotted, very wise...and even a smidgeon of smut. What more could a reader ask for?!" Neil Del Strother.

"Whilst on the surface The Breaking of the Shell is the intricately woven life story of Alexander and the ways his upbringing and societal conditioning moulds his poor responsiveness to life during teen and early adult years, it is between the lines that this novel really comes to life. At it's core it is a story about the re-emerging of the divine feminine and about a new consciousness which will help to bring about the changes our planet so urgently requires - all packaged as a highly engaging page turner you won't put down before the last page. A thoroughly recommended read. In fact a must read for anyone wanting to gain deeper emotional literacy." Naraya Urban-Winterfeldt

"This is a book that has eyes! It looks at you squarely with confidence, love, emotional honesty and spiritual intelligence – and doesn’t look away even when you are uncomfortable. It sat there with an invitation gentle enough not to be threatening, but with that unwavering gaze that promised truth if you choose to engage with it.

Then I realised who’s eyes I was feeling looking at me – my own! This is a book of self-examination, self-illumination and self awareness. A mirror in words! I was doing the looking, and I am blown away by how tender and caring the gaze felt.I believe this book will be many different things to many different people. I see the themes that I picked up on, and connected strongly with, as a product of my past and where I am right now. I feel others may well find something completely different and personally relevant in its pages. This, for me, speaks of the deeper energy and connection of where I feel its words have come from, that allows it to be so versatile." Chris Blythe

"I would absolutely recommend this book; in fact I think it would be a wothwhile read for just about anyone as it touches upon so many aspects of our lives. Even if we haven't personally experienced such things it helps us understand and empathise with those who have. It also reflects the effect our actions (often unconscious ones) have on others and their ripples/repercussions. " Jacqueline Harvey 

"An addictive read, a 'page turner' in fact.  Thought-provoking, intriguing and beautifully written." Fiona Bewers

"I've just finished the book and I loved it. It brought up some uncomfortable feelings at times ...but wow...loved all the info and ideas. Would definitely recommend it." Niccola Willis








































"I was gripped by the story, would love to know the fact from the fiction! Barry has a serious talent " Sharon Pearson.

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