The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


Putting on events of all shapes (if not sizes!)

The last few weeks has been totally joyful with the birth of Suite4. The responses and messages of support we have received have been numerous, and, although it seemed like a bit of a risk at the time, we can see that Forest Row is really ready to have its own non-denominational space for presenting ideas and concepts that aim to raise consciousness.

We'll continued to need the support of the village and surrounds, and hope that people will continue to spread the word as is happening at the moment.


Twitter and Facebook

Yep, you can now keep even more up to date(for as long as we can stand it, anyway!) on Facebook and Twitter

Life is FABULOUS! Suite4 has got off to a great start with a couple of talks and two screenings of the inspirational documentary 'The Day After Peace'. The Breaking of the Shell is getting great responses and we may well end up self-publishing, at least to start with...

First Suite 4 Event sold out

We're delighted to announce that the happiness talk tonight has sold out in advance. Wow! What a great start...


world peace day 21st september

Great initiative which started with one guy and a vision for peace:


Two weeks to go until first talk

Curtains are up, chairs are in, first bookings already coming in for the Happiness talk and for the 'Shut up and Listen' workshop. It's getting v.exciting - even more so since it looks like Barry will be joint facilitating an event in November in Forest Row with a leading worldwide speaker and author who appeared on Oprah this year...more clues later... 


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