The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


keeping up with blog posts...

oh god, it's just not possible. Aaaaargh.

Save to say there's tons of stuff happening and hopefully you're finding out enough via the newsletters and shop updates. Loads of energy going into the new novel right now and some really exciting stuff happening with events too.


Happy New Year

To one and all - may 2010 bring you and your loved ones peace, happiness, lightness and laughter.


Astrology of 2012

There are still some places left for tonight's Astrology of 2012 talk with Helen Sewell. 

Coversations with God -the movie

Great film. The lead plays NDW with great authenticity.  Second time I've seen it and enjoyed it even more this time. Hope to get permission to rescreen it since we only had 8 people last night.


Thanks Forest Row

This week has seen Winnie's meditation workshop and a screening of The Living Matrix - we continue to get fantastic support and encouragement for our new MBS venue in the heart of the village. Thanks so much everyone for helping us to make this happen. There are exciting plans afoot for the coming month, so watch this space!


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