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Merlin's Diary

Blimey. We didn't exactly see that one coming - although of course we hoped it would be the case. Merlin's Diary, our new mind body spirit events search engine has got off to a flying start, attracting in the support of major organisations and events, as well as already getting lots of hits from users.

It's a fantastic start and proof that the UK mind body spirit events sector is indeed a fascinating and thriving arena. Keep spreading the word please to all your MBS loving friends. 



Author's new Blog

You can follow the progress of Barry's new book under his new blog 'An English Author' at

Just click here


The Breaking of the Shell

We're very excited! Barry's new 332 page novel, an alchemy of truth, fiction and spirituality, and titled "The Breaking of the Shell" is now available to order via pre-release for a discounted online price of £10 plus p&p (retail price £11.99). Click here for details and some early reviews



The two talks with Geoff Stray and Dr Robert Verkerk were a huge success - our first foray into the bigger spaces of the two village halls. We attracted just over 150 people to the two events and have had great feedback on them.

We're learning lots as we go along - thanks for the continuing support and feedback - it all helps us to grow. The appetitie for this stuff is clearly present...


Geoff Stray and Dr Robert Verkerk

After6 months of events in our little seminar room, we have really exciting news with two great speakers coming to Forest Row in April on consecutive nights. On April 13th we have Geoff Stray, one of the world's leading 2012 prophecy experts speaking on 2012 in the small village hall. And then on the 14th, we are hosting Dr Robert Verkerk in the main village hall who will be speaking on Codex Alimentarius. See individual product listings for more details.


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