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The Breaking of the Shell reviewed in Kindred Spirit

Great to see that the Breaking of the Shell got a good review in this month's Kindred Spirit. Same star rating as the Dalai Llama's new book so that can't be bad.Described as 'Hard to put down'.

The reviewer found the ending a disappointment, which of course disappointed yours truly - but overall I felt the review was a very honest assessment and ultimately very positive.




It was great the other day when we were reviewing what we've done and what what we've raised sofar with Suite 4 MBS events, to see that we have raised over £1100 for charities and NGOs since starting our  seminar room in the centre of Forest Row in late 2009..


Merlin's Diary is flying

Yep, Merlin's Diary has really hit the mark and is set to goirw and grow following the introduction of the fantastic mobile version of teh website which locates the user via satellite and tells them what evenbts are on near them at that time.

Look out for more exciting news very, very shortly...


Kindred Spirit and The Breaking of the Shell

Well the magazine arrived today and the ad looks fantastic. We're really pleased - although we'd be even more pleased if we had spotted that we had got two digits the wrong way round in the phone number! Fortunately the phone number is a dead one so people will just get a 'number not in use' message and will hopefully either find a way of coming to the website or will call the KS office who we have alerted about our error.


The Breaking of the Shell

As a small independent publisher, getting a new novel 'out there' is one of the hardest challenges you can face. Barry's new novel, The Breaking of the Shell', is inviting powerful responses from readers, but trying to get invaluable review space is hard because magazines in the holistic field aren't necessarily used to fiction based content.

So we're going to place a back page ad in the back of Kindred Spirit's xmas copy to help spread the word further than our own network. We're also really relying upon readers to place reviews on Amazon, tell friends, be pro-active, but that is hard with everyone so busy. Every extra review and person told helps us.


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