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99p Kindle offer for Top10 Amazon kindle book

The Breaking of the Shell has been frequenting the Top 10 Metaphysical and Visionary fiction chart over the last few weeks as a buzz begins to build about the book (about time, huh?!).

You can now read the first 100 pages online free or download the ebook from amazon for just £1 or so, or just over $1 - that's 90% off the rrp. Just visit the facebook page for details. Ro visit the amazon page here.

Merlin's Diary Directory and podcasts

The new Merlin's Diary directory has just gone live and we're really pleased with it. The directory is for presenters and venues. We've also just launched the events discounts feature. Merlin's Diary has quickly established itself as the internet's leading mind body spirit events search engine.

So if you're a speaker/workshop leader and you want to get more people to know about what you have to offer, make sure you get listed in the new presenters directory. And if you run a venue that is suitable for holistic events and you'd like to get some more bookings, then go straight to the venues directory.


What an honour it is to share these stories...

As Merlin's Diary grows and grows, the most amazing people are coming into our lives. Over the last couple of weeks I have interviewed three extraordinary people with fellow Mystery Bar interview host Neil del Strother. Neil is a great listener, an inspiring writer (if you haven't checked out his book 'The flower in the desert' then it's time you did!)and all round top bloke. 

The first of those three interviews has just gone live - see the news' section above or click on

We've also been hosting some great events -  Dr Karambu Ringera's talk raised over £600 for her foundation, and in the next few weeks we have Nigel Grace giving an inspiring presentation titled 'Love and Light in the Big City', and in early July we are hosting one of the interviewees in the film 'The Living Matrix', Arielle Essex, who recovered from a life-threatening tumour to go on to inspire people to better health. Her talk is titled 'The Choice that Heals'.



Loved it. loved it, loved it...

The Relationship Code talk represented a new way of presenting our communication tool - T.A.C.T (Transform All Communications Technique). Pulling together all sorts of examples through history, we showed how frea dominates ALL of our decision making, and how we can make the shift into responding from love and in flow.

Me and missus had a fantastic time presenting to a packed room - and it was a delight to be sharing the floor with her as she told some of the stories. 

Watch out for future dates and the workshops.


new Mystery Bar podcast episode

A new episode of Barry and Neil's podcast The Mystery Bar is now available at:

It features Eurpoean Parliament lobbyist and Inter Faith Minister Elizabeth Riminton  and it's a fascinating interview.



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