The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


A life's work

The last few months has been full on with coaching and writing. A life's work is currently being played with in the writing studio, as Barry seeks to bring together all the elements of the communication work that has already helped to transform so many lives. Relationship work has also been hectic, with more and more couples interested in experiencing how our Fearless Communication model can help them to reach more peaceful places in their relationships.

Merlin's Diary continues to serve the Holistic Events marketplace in the UK with an average of over 400 events running live at any one time. The podcast is currently being reframed for 2017 with a new format based around people and their projects. 

On the music front, Sophie Janes has also been in the studio working on several new songs which will be released on a track by track basis throughout 2017.

Busy, busy, busy... 

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