The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


So much going on...

Taking The Way of Peace to Kenya was amazing. As was doing values and strategy work with the International Peace Initiatives team over there. Since then we've been hard at work with clients, and Winnie and I have been putting together our new relationship website - www.therelationshipconsultancy.comWe are launching this after 17 years of coaching and counselling, to help couples who are going through difficult times and who would like to be dealing with both a man and a woman.

Merlin's Diary is nearing its 10,000th event listing which is truly amazing. Wow, seems like only yesterday when I was briefing our website designer, Nina. 

I've also been doing some wonderful facilitation work with the wonderful team at Commonwork, Bore Place, and am continuing to help facilitate Plaw Hatch farm's ongoing development and growth. 


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