The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes



So, the exciting news is that from September, we have taken a lease out on a small, but perfectly formed, room in the centre of the Village (Suite4, The Village Hall!) where we are going to start putting on  talks and seminars and workshops.

The space is limited to an audience of between 18-20 seated, and, to begin with at least, we're going to be adopting a radical 'pay-what-you-want' system (with guides for those who want them.

Barry will be doing the first talk there on September 7th on 'A bloke in pursuit of Happiness' - we've also got talks booked by Winnie D-H on 'Alternatives in Education', Andy Thomas on 'The Crop Circle Mystery' and Shelley Sishton on 'Flower Essences'.

Winnie will be repeating her 10 module course on metaphysics, titled 'The Truth is Out There' - which will run from October until early next year - half the modules before christmas, half after. Barry will also be running a workshop on 'Non-Reactive Communication Strategy' - a system of communication he has developed over his years of coaching in business and with individuals. There will also be workshops on stress reduction/relaxation and quick coaching clinics (1-1) for young people and those on low incomes.



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