The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


Going into Politics?

Well, no not exactly. But taking an interest? Yes.

I'm not going to be yet another 'let's have a pop at our politicians' observer - it's been done over and over during these last few weeks. My slant is always on 'what can we learn/create from this?'.

One of the first things we can learn is that our politicians have abdicated responsibility for their actions and  drifted further and further away from reality and from the people they represent. That must be due to the fact that we, as a nation, are abdicating our responsibility in the political system that governs our country. And that abdication of responsibility may partly be due to our voting system (eg "what's the point in voting - the same two parties always win and I don't trust either of them?"). At the last election our percentage of voters was a staggering 30-40% lower than the leading European voting countries. People are bored with politics in this country.

So, I have just had a petition accepted by Downing St calling for a referendum before the next general election that will let the people decide again whether we would like to see a new electoral system in the UK - that of Proportional Representation (PR). This is likely to produce far greater voter interest and responsibility taking

 The link is here:

Please feel free to circulate and sign if you agree with the principle.

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