The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


New part of the team...

For years people have been asking us whether we could do an Art of Change coaching course for facilitators. There have been two major reasons why this has not yet been possible:

1) Our time has been so full with our family and clients and various projects  that we have not prioritised the time to create a course

2) It has never been clear as to how we could teach something which has little to do with systems, and much to do with just a way of life.

Our communication methodology, Non-Reactive Communication Strategy (NRCS), has certainly changed the second aspect.This simple yet powerful system, which crystallised after twelve years or so of coaching, is something which can be taught.  In fact we have been teaching clients how to use it to help transform relationships of every nature from business crises to self-confidence.

The first aspect still remains debatable. The teaching of a strong system doesn't necessarily make  a great coach, not unless that person is really walking the talk as well. We have always been told it has been our example as much as anything which serves to inspire.

So it is with great excitement that over the last couple of years, our radically unschooled eldest daughter Anna, has gently been questioning us and finding more out about our coaching work. This has stepped up over the last few months as we have started to train her fully in the use of NRCS.

She has now started her own blog at the link below and is going to start reaching out in particular to young people who would like to chat with another young person about their problems. Having someone your own age, or close to it, can help to create an empathy which is more likely to lead to open-heart communication in the first instance.

If you know of a young person who might be interested, please direct them to the blog link below which will give them a feel for who she is. Anna will have our back-up whenever she needs it - this is a new, and long-term, work in progress. It's very exciting for all of us.


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