The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


Now's the place...

We all know it. What goes up, must come down. There is a certainty to gravity that only the foolish deny.

It seems those foolish ones  are ruling the world. For many of us with a more rounded view of how the world really functions, these lawmakers and financial experts are making kindergarten style errors of judgement. So deep are the fissures however, that it doesn't look like they'll find anywhere near enough concrete to pour into the holes to fill them up. Although it probably won't stop them trying.

So what can you be doing whilst being bombarded by negativity and fear? Well, first off, come back into the present moment. Back into the zone where everything is possible, and where you are creating the next brilliant business move or relationship development, by virtue of how you are thinking RIGHT NOW.

Are your needs being met RIGHT NOW? Really be sure before you answer - remember we're not talking about your dreams at this stage just yourt needs? Are they being met right now? Yes? Then that is what counts. Be grateful for that and focus on the next really small step that you would like to make towards that perfect future. In times like this we can see the folly of trying to plan too far ahead -  the leading political thinkers are seeing that their plans of just 24 hours are being turned on their heads.

Have your long-term dreams, sure. Also remember from where you are starting. And if you can start from a place of feeling good (eg, 'all my needs are currently being met') - then you are far more likely to play the next round of life with confidence. Go into the next round feeling poor, bad, inept, fearful - and it is likely that you will not perform to your highest potential.

And if you answer 'no' to your needs being met in this moment, then it may be worth sitting down again and really questioning yourself as to what your real needs are...


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