The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


The Mother magazine

Well, after two incredibly exciting years of publishing The Mother magazine, we have now handed back the administration to Paul and Veronika.

When we took over the magazine we had absolutely no experience of publishing a magazine and neither did we even know how we would find the time to fit it into our already busy coaching/home-educating/writing lives! All we knew was that, at a time when it was struggling, we had to do whatever we could to carry the baton a little further so that the magazine could continue to reach across the globe.

During that time we've learnt a lot, the subscriber base has grown considerably, and the magazine has attracted some amazing writers. We've also helped to get Veronika's book into print, and seen her address her first NHS audience and appear across the USA on national tv.

With Paul now able to take on the business and with Veronika continuing at the editorial helm, this change feels absolutely right and true to the magazine. We did our bit, made a few cock-ups along the way and had a lot of fun! We have so many other projects that we want to give our time to and which have had to take back seat for a while!

We're delighted that we will be continuing to sell back issues of The Mother exclusively for a while (watch out for the bargain prices!) - and we also have just a few copies of The Drinks Are On Me left before Veronika and Paul take over and organise reprinting.

It just leaves us to say a massive THANK YOU, not only to all the Robinsons for the amazing work they do, but also to all the subscribers and friends with whom we have communicated over the last couple of years. The Mother family is a very special one - one that we will continue to enjoy being a part of for many years to come.


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