The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


Moving on

Well, it's been a funny old summer so far. Not much in the way of sun, that's for sure! But lots of exciting things happening here as we prepare for a new period in our lives.

Barry has been working for many months on designing a course based around The Art of Change coaching techniques - in particualr in relation to communication. That work is now nearing completion and he is hoping to make an announcement soon on how those materials will be available, whether it will be an online or face-to-face course etc. With the internet making it easier and easier to create online broadcasts it is possible that we will be able to offer something to reach a wider geopgraphical audience.

Winnie has just completed training with Dolores Cannon - a leading US regression therapist. She is looking to include this in her set of consulting tools as Dolores has had extraordinary results with clients using her techniques, with her clients often experiencing both physical and emotional improvements. Watch this space!

Anna is currently rehearsing madly for a performance of Arthur Miller's The Crucible, which she is performing with a group of close friends prior to their leaving for University, gap years etc! They are doing this from scratch in only three weeks so they have taken on quite a challenge!

Barry has also been exploring an incredibly exciting development which could impact massively upon ordinary families and our planet and is related to our cars...more to follow over the coming weeks...




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