The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


The Tyra Banks show

This week will see the airing of the Tyra Banks show  - the US daytime talk show hosted by Supermodel Tyra Banks - featuring Veronika Robinson, Mother magazine editor and author of The Drinks are on Me.

The show, which last week picked up a daytime Emmy for best informative day time talk show, was by all accounts a horror story for Veronika. They flew her over from the UK, put her up in a hotel and had agreed to follow a script as approved by Veronika beforehand.

Her contribution was meant to be on the subject of working mothers versus stay-at-home mothers. However, ever since Veronika appeared on the C4 documentary Extraordinary Breastfeeding, people and media around the world have latched on (excuse the pun) to the fact that she was still occasionally breastfeeding her youngest daughter aged nearly 8.

Needless to say, and in spite of it being agreed in advance, the show switched the subject matter and tried to nail Veronika on the weirdness of breastfeeding older children. Yet another attempt at car crash tv.

What the final show will look like we have yet to see. Going out to approx 11 million people, it could create quite a large wave effect for our rather small operation! This is one of the inevitable outcomes of having the courage to stick your head above the parapet - the media will, at our current state of consciousness, tune into the most outrageous part of a story and focus on that in order to 'entertain' their audience.

However - and this is my take on things like this - if Veronika's appearance helps even one mother to feel a little more confident to breastfeed her child for just one more day- and if she's reaching 11 million people then I reckon she may reach quite a few more than that - then it will have been worth it.  We're here to change the world - we all are - and the world best changes one small step at a time.

Anyone got a crash helmet I can borrow?

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