The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


It's hotting up...

So much is happening right now, I realise that the one skill I should probably have acquired post school was Juggling. Ah well, have to learn to do it energetically...

Signatures have been flying through on Veronika's petition re breastfeeding in public places and the Government's planned Equalities Bill. I have been chasing around trying to find the actual wording of the proposed legislation - but it's like trying to capture a moonbeam! We're beginning to approach celebrity breastfeeders and supporters to get their help too - very exciting and very time-consuming. Add to that trying to organise national press, a London and nationwide rally, photos for articles etc etc... and I just came back from holiday!

The Mother mag continues to build up its network of subscribers - we've had fantastic responses to the overseas surface mail options and 6 month subs to help reduce outlay during these more troubled financial times. 

And then there's running the rest of the mail order business and keeping up with my coaching clients (and getting in a bit of writing and recording), the stuff of which is the real inspiration for my work. Oh, and did I mention the family???!!!

No worries on that score - that's what keeps me sane - the family. Their needs continue to come first - however important something else seems. Having that anchor, that clarity of priorities, is the one thing that enables me to multitask in the way I do.

Whenever I'm in doubt about taking something on I'll always refer to how it impacts, or could impact, upon the needs of the family(my top desire and wish). And that is what always gives me my answer and helps me, along with my meditations, to find my balance...

Now then, where are those juggling balls?

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