The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


Responding to crisis

The papers are full of it - oil crisis, food crisis (see news feature above), housing crisis, political crisis etc etc. Every day we are reinforcing a fear based paradigm with more and more news about what is going wrong.

When are we going to start looking at what is going right? When are we going to start championing the wonderful people doing wonderful work that are already changing the world for the better?

Humans are incredibly resourceful, creative beings. We thrive when we are creating, but we shrink when we are in fear. Scare us and you'll shrink us. Inspire us and we'll grow.

Mother Theresa once said something along the lines of 'don't invite me to your anti-war rallies, invite me to your peace rallies'. She knew the magic; that the way not to have wars is to create peace. The way to avoid having anything in your life that you don't want is to work on creating its opposite.

The Universe doesn't understand negative creativity - ie 'I don't want...'. It can't help you create nothing. It only understands positive creation. When we look to create we'll find magic can happen. When we look to 'uncreate', we'll find only emptiness... 



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