The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


playing hookie?

On thursday of last week we returned after a fantastic trip to Italy. During that time I was very, very, very naughty.

I didn't look at a single email; I didn't pick up a single phone message; I found, and didn't enter, an internet cafe - even though that old monkey was on my shoulder saying 'you really should check up on things - make sure everyhting's ok'.

Well, I didn't. I took my life - and our business - in my hands and risked 'not getting things done'.

It was FANTASTIC. After about 5 days I could sense a magical feeling of relaxation and peace coming over me that is difficult to access when the calls of business and technology are permanently upon us. Just not having a computer whirring away in the background leads to a different state of consciousness. I learnt to love my Italian lifestyle...

Admittedly when I came back I found over 1000 emails in my in box - but the spam filter managed to get them down to 250. Over the next few days we managed to get those whittled down to next to nothing, and it was clear that no clients or customers had been upset that the whole Art of Change team had disappeared for a few days. The World had carried on ok without us!

Since it's moving towards summer I've adopted a more Italian approach since we've been back - I'm getting up early and dealing with business/clients first thing,  having a nice long crash/family lunch/walk around lunch time (hopefully in the sun) and then returning to work stuff later on in the afternoon. Whilst the warmer weather is with us, it works nicely.

So my holiday reminded me of what I'm often reminding my clients; the world will carry on ok without  my constant interference; I reach a much deeper state of peace and creativity without constant interference from computers, telephones, tvs. And most importantly...

Chilling out in the sun next to some beautiful warm water and loved ones is one of the most important jobs any one can ever do...


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