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Bloke writing about breastfeeding shock

You know it's a funny old world isn't it? I mean, who would have thought twenty odd years ago when I was writing and producing house music and the like that today I'd find myself championing a cause such as breastfeeding?

If you'd placed a £1 bet then, you'd probably have become a millionaire now!

And yet here I am, having spent much of my spare time in the last weeks, poring over government and global statistics as I dig deeper in my quest to support the cause of breastfeeding.

That journey has thrown up some fascinating discrepancies in the message that has appeared to be emanating from the NHS about the apparent success of their breastfeeding campaigns. Those discrepancies we will be revealing today in a press release that coincides with a couple of lectures being given by The Mother magazine editor Veronika Robinson as she addresses an NHS Breastfeeding advisors' conference in the West Midlands.

Watch this space for the then, where's that drum loop?

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