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Another day - another amazing person...

After doing a consultation in  the morning and dealing with various admin bits including firming up Veronika's Brighton talk and deciding that it's just a bit too short notice to do a Mother camp this year, I drove myself over to deepest Kent to do a bit of filming.

I had been asked to film the creator of the Wild Earth Animal Essences, Daniel Mapel. Daniel had just flown over from the States, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to be precise, to do a workshop in the wonderful surroundings of School House Oast in Horsmonden (run by close friends Ian and Shelley Sishton and a great event venue for retreats and peace).

It was great for me to get back into a bit of recording (both audio and visual) -  as I'm busy preparing to create The Art of Change podcast show and hopefully future tv/film progs too. Daniel's story is very powerful and he speaks with great humour too - which is always refreshing! Fascinating to hear how he makes the essences in harmony with the animals and how the qualities of the essences contain the qualities we often associate with the animals.

For instance 'Mountain Lion' will help you gain courage, 'Badger' will help you deal with anger issues, 'Dove' will help you find peace while letting go, and his most popular essence 'dolphin' will help you harness the qualities of play, joy and freedom.

80% of his 'business' is exports, only 20% coming from his home USA. Fascinating how often we undervalue things that are on our own doorstep?

His site can be found by clicking here.

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