The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


It really is a fascinating journey...

Ah joy - the birds are up and about singing early, the temperature seemed to reach giddy heights today (we had a fantastic walk in the forest in the 'heat of the day') - seedlings are sprouting right, left and centre - and life is as full and exciting as ever.

One minute we're having to cancel the Continuum Concept tour - next minute I'm arranging for Veronika Robinson to start developing her UK talk tour. We're starting in Brighton on 1st May (see events), she is then addressing the Cambridge Natural Parenting Seminar on May 2nd -  and all being well will be appearing in Manchester later in May. There may even be an event in Birmingham in-between them all!

Last night saw the culmination of weeks (actually months!) of fun with my two daughters and some other home-educating friends who performed in a play that I wrote and 'directed' for them. It was great fun and I'm so pleased that I have learnt to value such experiences in my life  --  my public school education didn't really do a lot in the way of telling me how important it was to value those 'little' things that make up family and community life! Fortunately I had great role models in my mum and dad...

Response to the new website has been WONDERFUL - thank you all those of you who have commented. It is much appreciated.

We are currently researching the possibility of a Mother magazine camp for early August. We have found a fantastic possible venue, and now have to do the number-crunching to see if it is a risk that we can afford to take. Veronika is very confident that it will be really well attended  - the last Mother camp certainly was!

If you haven't signed the avaaz 'Tibet' petition please consider doing so - they seem to be doing amazing work.


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