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Finances - A Shake-up to Wake-up?

I don't normally read the papers; however this week I bought my mum her DT as I sometimes do, and I noticed a couple of stories that suggested that maybe we really do  need a massive financial shake-up and fiscal collapse in order to wake up to the gross misunderstandings that seem to exist in the money world.

One story was describing the growing awareness of the world food shortages and the suffering that is already taking place; it described the difficulties many people found themselves in, and the struggle for survival. Staple foods such as rice and wheat are beginning to come in short supply and major producers are already reducing exports.

The other story detailed the monies earnt by the five most successful hedge-fund individuals in the last year. Each one earnt over $1billion. I'm not a financier so I don't really understand hedge-funds that well, but what I do know is that it flies in the face of Universal Law; hedge-fund earnings are created by gambling on the price of something at some future point. Basically these people are buying and selling things neither they, nor their vendors, even own. And they're earning fortunes doing it, whilst others, who are trying to live in the present moment, can't even afford a bowl of rice.

Whilst some make billions out of thin air, others create a few more days of life out of scraps. Whilst this type of disconnect exists, we will be forced to become ever more conscious.

Do we need a financial collapse? Well, I'd love to think that we're capable of creating a parallel reality that values life above all things, a reality that can gently and lovingly subsume and transform the old paradigm of greed. But with many grasping and grabbing and earning money at all costs, whether that will be possible or not only time will tell.

I've worked with many business people who have chased money at the cost of emotional and physical wellbeing. I've learnt much from them all, including this;

A life spent chasing greater and greater sums of money is one of the most barren existences a person can live and ultimately leads to an existence of loneliness and dissatisfaction. A life spent creating happiness in the present moment is priceless and constantly creates a new and exciting experience.



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