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Test Podcast now live

Well blimey - after weeks of mucking around with recording equipment and months of chewing the cud, or whatever it is one chews when contemplating new adventures, I have just uploaded the first podcast show - click here to play it. It's just a trial at the moment to test out the techno side.

Ah yes, back to the old recording days. What fun! And what with Winnie and Anna both featuring too, and Sophie providing some of her beautiful singing talent for jingles (yeah, I'm biased, but so what) - it's quite a family affair.

Features will develop as we go along, and in a few months I'll probably listen back to this first episode and wonder what I was doing! Still, we've already got a framework evolving; the show will give listeners free access to lots of ideas from our years and years of coaching, seminars and writing; and we'll be featuring special guests, starting in this episode with our 'Tell me who you are' feature, where we get someone to contribute their dream for global change, and what the first steps to achieving that dream would be.

We've got a 'book of the moment' and of course we'll always have an inspirational story...or two...or three...

We'll be encouraging you to challenge that stuck conditioning and get you thinking right outside the box...  and don't hesitate to provide us with your feedback.

Party on down doods... 


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