The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


The cancellation of The Continuum Concept tour 2008

What's to say? Jean has reluctantly decided to cancel both the UK and European tour due to, what she lovingly calls, 'a wonky knee'. Try as she has to whip it into shape, the darned thing just hasn't wanted to play ball and has let her know in no uncertain terms.

So what was the point of all that then, if all we end up with is what I would have once called 'months of hard work for nothing', a bill for the things we've already committed too and a bunch of disappointed ticket-holders? Well, I feel the perfection in it all will continue to unfold in days, weeks and months to come. Even now I know our lives are far richer for the new friends we have already made as a result of being the UK organisers; and the friendship we have now struck up with Jean has brought a wealth of humour and wisdom into our lives for which no price could be paid. 

It's been an incredible few months of high excitement, and  wonderful conversations and emails with lovers of TCC who were planning to travel from afar to hear Jean speak about her experiences. Talking with Clara, the European organiser and original inspiration behind the whole tour, it has become clear how the talk of the tour has once again raised TCC in the consciousness of many people. 

People who read the book years ago were dusting off their old copies, and re-reading chapters to remind themselves of why it is they loved it, or found it challenging, in the first place. Groups of like-minded people were connecting, discussing the book, discussing Jean, and preparing to meet en masse in East Grinstead, London, Bristol, Leicester, Brighton or Manchester.

A national newspaper even offered to fly Jean over earlier to get an exclusive interview with the woman behind the book that has changed how many of us see the world and our families and ourselves.

Let's face it - the tour being cancelled is a bummer. And for us, more than just a bummer - it's quite a challenge. But we'll get up again, dust ourselves off, take a look up the mountain and see that the summit is still very much in sight. And while we're in this spot, we'll rest for a minute, give our eyes some time to adjust, and enjoy the view. 

And if we look really closely, we'll probably see Jean, wonky knee 'n all -  up ahead, taking a rest by the path, with arms open wide in loving embrace...

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