The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


New website

We're live! And the last 24 hours has been a real test of the new system which seems to be handling everything beautifully! I'm really pleased with the way the new site looks and handles  (my god, I'm sounding like Jeremy Clarkson...) - and particularly pleased that we now are able to offer Winnie's beautiful paintings and drawings as hand printed cards (see Greetings Cards). I've been dreaming of her paintings becoming cards ever since we first met...

We've also been able to create new subscription choices to The Mother. Overseas subs have become more expensive due to the exchange rates and postage costs - so now you can select a 6 month or 12 month subscription sent by surface mail or air mail. We've also included the 6 month subscription as a choice in the UK.

Combine that with our existing offer to UK residents to pay via monthly standing order and that must put the magazine within reach of everybody's budgets!

I'm delighted to report that the magazine has gone from strength to strength in the last 18 months and that we are continuing to attract a list of contributors that would make any parenting magazine jealous!

Look out for regular offers on the site and for news of upcoming talks by Veronika Robinson, editor of The Mother, on her new book 'The Drinks Are On Me' (see events). Veronika is one of the guest speakers in Cambridge on May 4th at a Natural Parenting Seminar (again, see 'events'). 

Winnie is also holding her wonderful 'Awakening the Goddess' day part 1 in Kent in May - see 'events'.

And there is even rumour of my return to the talk circuit in the not too distant future...

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