The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


A recent week in the life of me...

Sunday night. Came back from my weekly run around game of football (with a bunch of other old farts and some younger whipper-snappers) at about 9.00pm (drenched and highly delighted with self for scoring at least twice and not needing oxygen tank at all).  Made transatlantic call to Jean Liedloff (via Skype - doncha love it?) to check all ok. Stomach sank when she reported seriously deteriorated knee problem. Lots of tickets sold, venues booked, final payments all due this week.

Monday. After great sleep (it takes a lot to stop that happening) and lovely old morning meditation and dog walk in the forest, get email from New York. Supermodel and prime time TV hostess Tyra Banks wants our very own Mother mag editor to appear on show about working mothers versus stay-at-home mothers. Emails fly rapidly across cyber space in between coaching client and space clearing in dining-room in preparation for arrival of next issue of The Mother (for worldwide mailout next day). From emails we try to work out their motivations (Veronika has had some nasty media experiences) - is this another freak show or a genuine attempt to tackle an interesting debate? With a US audience of 11 million and worldwide even bigger (it's syndicated) we push for plug for V's new book and our website (since you can't buy it in shops!).

Monday Night. A further call is made to Jean in San Francisco. Condition of leg doesn't sound great. Jean doesn't want to let anyone down and doesn't want to cancel -  and we don't want to be faced with cancelling at the last minute and risk being wiped out having paid all venue hires, tech stuff etc. Let alone having to try to get hold of ticket holders- plus the extra worry of knowing many are travelling, booking accomodation - we even had people coming from Spain to hear her.

Tuesday. After helping a married couple to discover that maybe they really do seem ready to separate, a pallet of new magazines arrives at the front door. The new issue of The Mother - cover looks great - no time to check anything else yet, got to print out a multitude of labels and stamps and get the the wonderful family team in situ for stuffing, labelling and boxing up.

Send Jean email saying we really think we should consider cancelling the UK leg of the tour - we know what will be involved and we cannot guarantee to provide the support she needs. This is hard for us to do as we so want to do this tour, tickets are selling so well, there is so much excitement etc etc. Difficult for us to explain to ticket holders if European leg goes ahead anyway but we cannot afford to take such a huge risk. At this stage cancelling means we lose something, but any later and we risk losing so much more, including the goodwill of all the ticketholders.

Negotiations with Tyra Banks show continue - they want her to film on thursday which means flying over wednesday. Tuesday night, we conclude negotiations, get promise of book and website plug, Veronika becomes the first European guest to get paid for appearing on her show, and a taxi gets booked for 4.30 am pick up in the lake district for 2 hour drive to Manchester airport.

Wednesday. Whilst Veronika is heading over the Atlantic, The DHs (including a wonderful Grandma who is always there when we need help) continue stuffing labelling, mailing out new magazines. No reply from jean Liedloff yet re her leg. Lots of meditating and fresh air. Catch a guy called Rob Hopkins in the evening at a packed local village hall talking about the transition town movement. Inspiring speaker - make note, get him to to write for mag.

Thursday 5.10am. Wake up early with prod to go and check email. There's one from Jean. On weighing everything up she has decided she can't go ahead with any of the tourt - her leg is just not up to it. Feel mixture of sadness and relief. Email Eurpoean tour organiser Clara immediately. Then meditate, cook breakfast and go for long refreshing walk with Win and Billy the bonkers dog.

Jean has posted news up on CC forum and emails start flying in. We announce it officially soon afterwards. Long process of informing and refunding begins with phone calls to venues.

Thursday 11.00pm. Email from Paul (Veronika's hubby) - TV show was awful. They just wanted to make her out to be weird. Sad feeling that the media find it so hard to report, interview, responsibly.

Friday. Final magazines go out. Coach a business client through an awkward negotiation. Upload products information to new website which should have been live weeks ago. We're going to need it even more if Veronika gets on this US show - I don't think my little old website will cope with the amount of hits we could suddenly start experiencing. Email New York contact about TB show - she confirms that Veronika held her own with Tyra and that she was handing in her notice as a result of Veronika's treatment on the show.

Saturday. Garden day. A bit of seed sowing, garden tidying, compost stirring etc in preparation for spring. Leave messages alone for today. Check V arrives back safely. Contemplate meaning of life, the Universe and everything...

Sunday. Now then. where's that football...?



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