The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


Can waste be sexy?

Well, spent yesterday facilitating an event which involved 6 chappies of considerable IQ levels talking rubbish. Bloody brilliant.

No really, it was. Why? Well these guys really care about the future and they've got the combined brain power to be able to make a considerable difference. 3 PhDs between them and a shed-load of wisdom as well as knowledge.

A step out of my usual world as well, which is always good. The Art of Change is about embracing change in every area of life - and waste is one where we badly need to change.

It's not a 'sexy' subject - rather like old people aren't either - but boy do we need to make it one for the sake of the generations to come. Helping these clever bods to communicate with each other was my contribution towards enabling the change to happen...

So, if you need to know about LCA, LATS, MCDA or GMS, I'm now your man...well, sort of , I mean, I know a man (or 6) that can...

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