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The Continuum Concept Tour

Well, the flyers are through for the tour and they look just fab. Great that they're printed using veggie ink too! Still can't believe that we're going to be having one of our 'heroes' staying in our house! Word seems to be spreading through all the continuum, sling, parenting and other related networks -  people are being really wonderful by offering to hand out flyers to groups, friends etc. If you're reading this and could distribute some flyers to people who'd be interested, do let us know.

We really want to make sure that anyone who might be interested in hearing Jean speak, will have found out about it. As a small, (but beautifully formed!), family partnership we ain't got the bucks to plough into endless national advertising. We're going to have to let the Universe take care of that for us!

Seems to be doing a pretty good job so far...

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