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Happy Advent

Been so busy, not really had time to update the blog. Lots has happened since the last time...

Barry did his first talk specifically on happiness about ten days ago in the wonderful surroundings of a fully modernised church crypt! The development was beautiful and over 50 people turned up to hear him talk on 'The Pursuit of Happiness - One man's journey into the unkown'.

For one of the first times, Barry used a powerpoint presentation to map a brief history of happiness and to bring to life some of his own experiences. The talk featured not only on identifying what happiness is and whether it is significant in life, but also on some of the ingredients required to create the perfect happiness recipe.

The room was buzzing with questions after the talk and we'd like to thank Wendy Kent, Anne-France Rix and the staff of Especially Health for making us feel so welcome and putting on such a well organised event.

It's also a very busy time for coaching -  as we near Christmas there is always much to discuss and reflect upon - even more so in these times of financial uncertainty. Great to be working with quite a few young people at the moment too - wonderful to see how quickly young people can adapt and modify their thinking when they think/feel there is a good reason. Winnie has been doing quite a few Past Life Regressions using the Dolores Cannon technique - she's learning much and getting some fascinating results with clients.

The fall-out of the financial world of course continues unabated- well, virtually. It's coming home a bit more for people in the street with the announcement of Woolies' impending demise. Our local town, East Grinstead, has a big Woolies at its heart in the town - if that store shuts it will leave a big hole in the centre. As communities we do need to start thinking about what heart we can replace these empty shells with...  

We're probably going to do a New Year sale of quite a few of our books and films and things, so watch this space...

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