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World economy and the top down model

I've had quite a few great discussions with people since my post on the five stages and the potential link with the state of the global financial system. Lots of interesting reflections and questions/comments.

A couple of points worth bearing in mind. There is not generally a clear split between the different stages -  whilst generally one aspect will dominate at any particular part of the grieving process, other aspects may also feature to a lesser degree. So just because the global economy may be in a state of bartering for instance, it doesn't necessarily mean it is through with all its anger.

We also need to remember that we are dealing with a top down model here. This means change happens from the top down to the base - imaging a pyramid and you'll get the idea.

The true state of the financial model is known and experienced  first by those who are priveleged to be closest to it (at the top) - in our case the politicians and financiers that we have put in place to run the global economy. For many of them they will already have experienced many of the stages.

As the truth permeates down through the global organism (pyramid) towards the base, so the rest of us begin to go through our own grieving process. Right now, on the street,  there is probably still a fair amount of denial going on that anything needs to change; there could still well be a considerable amount of anger to come out when people start to feel the negative consequences of being encouraged to overborrow and spend and as we see the example being set that the way to get out of trouble is just to borrow more and spend more (have you heard Gordon Brown recently?).

There will be much bargaining going on as we try to correct the injustices, and even the most optomistic economists are preparing us all for a recession of intensity (aka depression).

The good news is we will all have the opportunity to engage with accepting that this is happening and THE WORLD HAS TO CHANGE. The sooner we can enter the stage of acceptance, really accepting that this old model no longer serves us, the sooner we can experience the magic that happens when we truly accept the death of an old friend.

We need to learn to value and honour our natural resources rather than fritter them away; we need to learn to value the absolute significance of life and relationship over material acquisitions; we need to remember that the most valuable commodity of all is a four letter word, and the second letter is 'o'.

No, not gold.

Love. Love of life. Love of breathing. Love of being here.

Sounds naff? Don't know what it means? Then go to a hospice and talk to any of the patients there about what they now value most...

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