The smallest steps lead to the biggest changes


The magical journey continues

Well here I am posting the first blog on our new website designed by the amazing Nina Richards. Committing to this new site has been a major investment for us, but already I can see the benefits - clarity, simplicity and lots of white space!!!

Building, updating and creating the old site has been quite a challenge for me and it has been wonderful that it has served us as well it has - but The Art of Change is growing rapidly now as an ever increasing number of people are searching for more natural and holistic ways to live their lives.

We have been delighted over the last year to help steer The Mother magazine into much calmer waters and this success has brought many new friends into our lives. We are now looking forward to an exciting 2008 which will see us helping to spread the word about Veronika's new book 'The Drinks Are On Me' and for the first time we will really be getting into promoting live events.

This will start with a talk by Veronika in Bristol in Jan (see 'events' for details) and will be followed by Jean Liedloff's UK tour in April. Jean wrote The Continuum Concept and has not been back to the UK for nearly 20 years - we feel honoured to have such a great opportunity.

Oh well, time to go and cook sunday lunch...

Have fun


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